Who We Are?

From Concept to Conquest: We’ve Got You!

At Parpia Marketing, we are more than just a marketing firm; we are your strategic business partners. Rooted in passion and precision, our mission is to transform your business aspirations into tangible results.

Every venture, every ambition, deserves a spotlight and we’re here to guarantee you shine brightly in the dynamic digital domain.

Whether you’re igniting a brand-new spark in the market or amplifying an existing flame, our ensemble of marketing maestros, ingenious designers, and tech aficionados crafts bespoke solutions that resonate with your unique vision. Our commitment? To remain at the forefront of innovation, ensuring your brand doesn’t just navigate the waves of change, but defines them.

Unveil a world of possibilities with Parpia Marketingwhere your dreams are our blueprint, and excellence is the only benchmark. Let’s sculpt success, together!

Navigate the market maze with our seasoned experts by your side.

Where passion meets proficiency to heighten your brand’s voice!

Abbas Parpia

Creative Director

Guiding the artistic force of Parpia Marketing, He serves as our Creative Director and sets the tone with a vision that fuses the modern and the traditional, giving each project a unique creative edge.

Abbas Zaidi

Senior Designer

With an eye for detail and a passion for excellence, Abbas Zaidi has etched his mark as our Senior Designer. His designs are a testament to the perfect coalition of beauty and purpose.

Ali Ahmad

Ui Ux Designer

As our UI/UX Designer, Ali Ahmad is driven by the challenge of creating visually arresting yet profoundly user-friendly interfaces. Ali signifies the superior intersection of design intuition and technical prowess.

Chrislyn Luisaga

Digital Account Manager

At the crossroads of management and creativity, Chrislyn Luisaga thrives. As our Digital Account Manager, she facilitates strong client relationships while showcasing her content creation and copywriting artistry.