Shining Bright: The Hayati Branding Experience

Parpia Marketing skillfully created a brand narrative for Hayati Jewellery that combines traditional artistry with contemporary attractiveness. By capturing the radiance of their exquisite collections, we helped to establish Hayati as a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the jewellery industry.

Project Focus


“Radon” was selected as the primary typeface because of its contemporary clarity and sophisticated evocation. The supplementary font, “Acumin Variable Concept,” complements and increases versatility. Collectively, these typefaces have been strategically selected to convey an opulent vibe, ensuring each word echoes with class and premium quality.

Colour Palettes

We’ve embraced varying hues of green, symbolising growth, harmony, and renewal. Our colour scheme selection strives to generate thoughts of peace and elegance, ensuring our designs engage strongly with our brand’s ethos and vision. It is also paired with an off-white, which conveys a sense of purity and sophistication.


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